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Radiologist - Member   1 year   01/01/2019   US$ 250.00  
  Radiologist certified by ABR, AOBR, or RCPS
Radiation Oncologist - Member   1 year   01/01/2019   US$ 250.00  
  Radiation oncologist certified by the ABR or RCPS
Nuclear Medicine Physician - Member   1 year   01/01/2019   US$ 250.00  
  Certified by the ABNM
Physics/Allied Sciences - Member   1 year   01/01/2019   US$ 100.00  
  Practice radiological physics and certified by the ABMP
Technologist   1 year   01/01/2019   US$ 35.00  
  Non-physician who performs diagnostic imaging examinations registered by a national certification body or hold a CRT.
Therapist   1 year   01/01/2019   US$ 35.00  
  Radiologic technologist specializing in radiation therapy.
Member in Training   1 year   01/01/2019   Free  
  Enrolled in a 4-year accredited radiology or radiation oncology residency program or imaging fellowship.
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